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Distressed leather, 200 joule steel toe cap, Nitrile rubber sole

Luna/Arca leather upper, Nitrile rubber sole, 200 joule steel toe cap welding boot

Ladies Pump, available in black/grey/turquoise only, Softee and Nu-buck leather, sizes 2 - 9

Ladies boot with velcro straps, sizes 2 - 9, Black only

Ladies Diamond lace up shoe. Steel toe cap, sizes 2 - 9, available in Black/Grey or Black/Pink...

Females size 2 - 9, wide fitting, ABG toe cap, Distressed leather, available in black and brown...

Female size 2-9, Apollo sole unit, Nubuck leather and Distressed leather, ladies slip-on

Ladies Taurus sfatey boot. Sizes 2 - 9, Distressed leather, double density PU sole.

Ladies shoe, steel toe cap, dual density PU sole, 200 Joule Steel toe cap

Entry level price point, leather upper, PU soles, 200 joule steel toe cap

Entry level price point, leather upper, PU soles, 200 joule steel toe cap

Buffalo leather, double density PU sole, 200 Joule Steel toe cap, elasticated sides.available in...

Available in Tan, brown or black, 200 Joule STeel Toe cap, available in Non STeel toe cap. Dual...

Double density PU sole, Luna leather, half boot. 200 joule toe cap

Full grain leather upper with elasticated sides. 200 Joule toe cap, direct injection moulded...


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Physical Address:
1 Beach Road (CNR Beach & Old Transkei Road)
Phone: +27 (0)43 743 0604

About Us

Graylor is an established provider of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), Workwear products and Promotional Clothing and Gifting in the South African market.
Established in 1988 and with over 30 years of experience in the industry, Graylor offers the expertise and knowledge in ensuring our clients are adequately equipped to provide the safest working environment for their employees.
Based in Nahoon, East...

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